Day Two turned out to be a very good one…

8.30 am. Time to leave from Arrone and say “good bye” to our absolutely amazing AirBnB. Called Cuore del Castello, it was inside of 14th century house and had truly commanding view of the area

In about one hour of hiking I felt as if “pilgrimage” was something that I did routinely for many years. St. Francis trail is perfectly marked with “blue yellow” signs. Which made me think: was he (St. Francis) a “secret” Ukrainian?

First “reward” of the day were Marble Falls. Not a bad stream of water for this time of year. By the way, hard to imagine, but essentially these are “man made” waterfalls. The dam in upper part of waterfalls (which assures supply of water) was built in 11th (yes, eleventh) century.

A small “set back” was to discover that today (Thursday) the trail leading to the upper part of waterfalls was closed for visitors. That was bad, because this was part of St. Francis trail. The alternative was to go by the normal road “around” which would add 13 km to the hike. I did not feel like doing this and said to Chris that we will do it “Alexei’s” way: that is, ignore the locked gates, climb over, and continue our hike in a perfect solitude without other hikers. Father Christopher was first reluctant, but then said that this is actually fun. The view from “illegal observation point” at the upper part of the falls was amazing

We are staying tonight in another mountain village called Labra: it is already in Lazio. Look at this garden: some local folks have really stunning “backyards”

Let’s go and explore this village (Labra) before it gets dark…

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