Day Three

started from amazing sunrise over the lake. This picture was literally first thing that I saw in the morning

Well, the next two hours (after breakfast) were not fun: very steep climb to this cross and, in a second, I will explain why we went there

About one kilometer from here, there is a special destination for all St. Francis followers and pilgrims. A huge beech tree under which – so legend says – St. Francis used to take a shelter while walking this road and on his way to Rome.

My personal highlight of the day was a time of short but very personal meditation in a small chapel carved inside of the cliff (has taken a good hour to climb there) where – again according to legend – St. Francis used to come for his self-reflection and prayer.

And now back to realities – of a very good – life: we stay this night in another charming “zero tourists” village called Poggio Bustone. It was a good day…Sure enough, besides “spiritual experiences”, it included about 16 km of hiking, gorgeous views, meeting couple truly interesting folks, having great picnic, and completing the day with some memorable local dishes and wines.

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