Day Six

My apologies: I never finished writing “day five.” What happened was that we arrived at Agriturismo Ristorante Santa Giusto – a rural hotel combined with a farm. We spent the rest of the day simply talking with Chris discussing many things including how this hike along St. Francis trail affects us. When we came to – a very elegant – dining room, we discovered that there are only three persons staying overnight at the hotel: us and a young German fellow. Well, for starters, we had a somewhat tense argument with him about what type of music to have to play in a restaurant while we were eating. He was a staunch proponent of Elvis Presley (and the owner played Elvis records for him), while we were much more in favor of something classic/Italian. But…the argument evolved in a friendship and the next morning we left all together – me, Fr. Christopher and Julian – to hike jointly to our next destination.

The first couple of hours we hiked chatting about miriads of things and without paying much attention to our surroundings. But suddenly I realized that we literally “walked into the autumn.” Remember, couple of days ago, I wrote that everything looks like in the middle of the summer: fresh and green. Well, today we arrived into the real fall. But very beautiful one.

And then, back on the trail, heading for the town of Ponticelli. The winding and beautiful St. Francis trail

The today’s hike was not an easy one. 22 km of constant “ups” and “downs,” but, at the same time, it was a day of the “constant beauty,” when another captivating landscaped would come after previous one.

The end of the day: sorry, I was really hungry and porcini mushrooms (pizza) are still fresh and in season…Good night!

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