“Truffle Adventure:” Day 1

It was an amazingly easy day. Everything was surprisingly on time: I mean “on time” in Italy, where the things are rarely on time. So, I got to FCO (Fiumicino) airport, met my brother and then we drove to the famous Mari Fedele truffle family: https://marifedeletartufi.com

The unexpected surprise was meeting Patriarch of the family: Fedele.

Further, we were given a very rare chance to walk into cellar and watch processing of those precious mushrooms found and picked a few hours before

From left to right: my brother Vladimir, me, “Patriarch Fedele,” Paolo (his son). All truffles in front of us are freshly collected. And then we were off for a night to Trevi – the town I would recommend to anyone:

Trevi is one of those “hidden gems” in Umbria where one still can embrace the local life the way it was for decades and with most families living in the same town for generations. In addition to its architectural beauty and stunning location, Trevi has a number of important religious sites. Perhaps, most important is the church called Madonna Lacrine (Madonna of Tears). Here is amazing story about this church: https://www.umbriatourism.it/en_US/-/santuario-della-madonna-delle-lacrime-di-trevi

And the “crown” of the day came couple of hours later: the dinner at a small restaurant called La Vecchia Posta

I eat there before, but…not in truffle season. The ultimate choice were made in house ravioli with freshly shaved truffles

There are several good options to spend a night in Trevi, but my ultimate choice is a private apartment right next to the main square. It is called Twins Storical Apartment and indeed it is run by two cheerful twin brothers Paolo and Luca. The apartment is in 15th century building and consists of two stories:

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