“Truffle Adventure:” day three

Enough truffles for a while. It is Sunday and I head for a liturgy/mass to the famous Abbey of Monte Cassino – the first house of the Benedictine Order, Monte Cassino has been established by Benedict of Nursia himself around 529. It was for the community of Monte Cassino that the Rule of Saint Benedict was composed. Essentially, Monte Cassino is seen by many as “cradle” of Western monasticism. The Abbey has a dramatic position on the top of a mountain: it takes about 10 km zig-zaging road to arrive to the top. The mass was amazing: shining vestments, elaborate organ performance, beautiful monks’s singing.

Unfortunately, the day was grey and rainy. Yet, there was some particular beauty in the “rainy colors.”

And then we drove along the Garigliano river which separates Lazio from Campania. It is the area known for its geothermal waters and hot springs. Look at this tropical vegetation.

It is late afternoon and we are very hungry. Luckily, the lunch is also late in Italy:

Gnocchi with Porcini mushrooms and shrimps.

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