The Day of “Hiking Around”

One can spend a day on the beach lying under the sun OR one can explore a good portion of coastline without leaving the beach. The latter option was my choice of a day on the beach. The first swim was before 7 am, when the water felt noticeably warmer than the air.

Then breakfast and I took off. First interesting destination: a peninsula or island depending the level of tide.

I swam there, the view from its top was quite beautiful, but, sorry, my camera is not waterproof: hence, no pictures. The next bay – for whatever reason – attracted local fishermen (I did not see them elsewhere).

And then probably the most picturesque spot on the coast within walking distance from Mirissa. It is called Coconut Head. Combination of palm trees and surrounding blue ocean waters make for an exquisite stop to rest.

This place also attracts surfers: the waves are big, but “beginners friendly.”

I spent on Coconut Head most of the day reading and swimming in a small bay downhill. And after day of hiking and swimming, one can afford a powerful dinner.

Vegetable Kottu Roti was served with five homemade sauces “to play the flavors,” locally caught fish was cooked in lemon sauce and freshly pressed papaya juice was divine.

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