Personal Paradise Found

I liked Mirissa – the place where I stay, but…it feels a bit too commercial. You know what I mean: restaurants and bars on the beach, too loud music, too many people and somewhat “less friendly” locals. And so I was looking for some less spoiled place, something with a nice beach but as “natural as possible.” It was not an easy feat: Southern Sri Lanka is well known for its beaches and it is very popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. But…sometimes there is a small piece of “hidden paradise right around the corner.” One of backpackers told me about Madiha beach – only about 10 km from Mirissa. So, I hired tuk-tuk, went there and indeed found a very personal paradise

While on the beach I saw only handful of foreigners: mostly local children and their parents

However, even in Madiha there are a few hostels and guesthouses where one can stay. Most remarkably, there is a place which is called Doctor’s House. It is a complex of funky looking houses which include restaurant, cafeteria, mini-golf, billiard, couple interesting shops: essentially, all what a foreigner in Sri Lanka may need while staying for vacations.

I went there to check it out and find something for lunch. My efforts were rewarded 100%. Sri Lanka’s version of American apple-crisp was banana-crisp topped with fresh passion fruits. It was outstanding.

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