Day 1: Birthday Trip in Post (or Still?) Pandemic Time

Ok. I made it to London. But before venturing into the city, a few words about interesting experience of flying with British Airways from Los Angeles. Despite my expectations and hopes, the plane was nearly full: not much social distancing as you can see from the picture.

And I was Okey with this, but couple “innovations” – presumably as respond to Coronavirus – were annoying and did not make any sense. First, no alcohol was served in either of classes. Yet, all soft drinks and juices, and coffee and tea were poured in the same manner as always. Is alcohol especially strong “transmitter” of virus? Second, when it came to food, instead of traditional trays and some hot dishes (normally, there would be a vegetarian choice), everyone was given two cartoon boxes. One had bottle of water and oreo cookies. Another contained a piece of pizza Margherita. Further, neither utensils nor napkins were present. I really wrap my head trying to figure out how these innovations help to stop the spread of the virus.

London was….beautifully sunny and…full of people who simply enjoyed this late spring day: no masks and a lot of fun. I guess they figured that positive attitude combined with sunshine is the best remedy against the virus.

It was midday and I was hungry. Cafes and restaurants closed? Not a big deal. London has several covered markets with wide selection of delicious foods.

The ultimate choice for a picnic was a bench on the bank of Thames river.

Blue goat cheese, rye bread with dried apricots, strawberries and glass of Sauvignon Blanc

And then I walked for hours. My last visit to London was more than 20 years ago. In the meantime, city added quite a few fairly “modernistic” looking buildings. Furthermore, the “newcomers” are nicely blended into the city’s old architecture. I loved this style a lot.

Tower Castle in front of three recent “additions.”
Tower Bridge and new City Hall (looks like a dom)

After about four hours of walking I was looking for a nice place to relax and…bingo – the best chair ever

Okey. One more “classic mandatory” picture of Tower Bridge

And then I waked to Piccadilly Circus station. There were other subway stations much closer than this one, but I wanted to check out one thing. In the past, the area near this Piccadilly Circus was place to gather for scateboard folks. Well, a lot of things have changed, but not this one. Young generation of scateboard fans enjoy their hobby as much as their “fathers” 20 years ago

Tomorrow I am off for Lisbon.

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