Day Three: Birthday Trip in Post (or Still) Pandemic Time. My actual birthday today…

It was a beautiful day: bright sunshine, late spring, abundance of flowers…

Myself and my local host (she is an American living in Portugal for nearly 30 years) decided to head further north to visit the area on borders with Spain called Minho valleys. This part of the country is rarely visited by tourists and there are plenty of very authentic villages there where time “has stopped.” One is called Castro Laboreiro. Nearby, there are ruins of the medieval castle perched on the top of the cliff which offer sweeping view of the entire area. We figured that it will be a great spot for birthday picnic.

Well. It turned out to be a looong picnic including proper siesta-nap afterwards. Late afternoon and we are heading towards Lindoso: another beautiful village. The views along our road are truly dramatic.

River Minho

The major attraction in Lindoso are traditional medieval granaries. Yes, they look like small chapels, but are actually used (one per household) to store any food supplies protecting them from rats and other “not invited animals.” These chapel-like granaries are very characteristic of the entire Galizia – the historic area which includes both border areas of Spain and Portugal

And then: back to Ponte de Lima. What for birthday dinner? My choice is simple. I love “pulpo,” octopus, and there is plenty of it in this area of the country. Baked with greens and potatoes, it was delicious.

Good night. See you tomorrow…

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