Day Five: Birthday Trip in Post (or Still?) Pandemic Time

The day began….I would say problematic: I got notification from United Airlines that my return flight from Portugal to USA has been canceled. Guess what: it is third cancelation of my return trip to America (two previous were Turkish Airlines and American Airlines). Am I stuck in Portugal? Somehow, I am not “over-concerned:” flying back 2-3 days later? Not a big deal really.

I said “Good Bye!” to my host in Ponte De Lima and headed East for a day in Peneda Geres National Park. In fact, this is the ONLY National Park in Portugal. The combination of mountains, ancient dolmens, waterfalls and medieval villages is both eclectic and dazzling. Look at the place which I found (on top of the cliff) for my picnic lunch

Penedes Geres is especially known for its amazing foliage: a lot of tourists would come here in October. But the park has also dozens of waterfalls and it is NOW the best time to enjoy them in “full gear.” But…there was a PROBLEM (yes, all capital letters). Today is Sunday and not simply “Sunday,” but the first weekend after softening restrictions on public gatherings, social activities. Hence, the waterfalls were full not only of water but also people.

Quite frankly, I really don’t care about possible “infection,” but it was simply not fun. So, I headed to my Turismo Rural: a beautiful three bedroom cottage totally surrounded by the nature

And this was the end of the day except two things which I enjoyed equally: outstanding sunset observed from my porch and a bottle of five years old Portuguese Cava

One thought on “Day Five: Birthday Trip in Post (or Still?) Pandemic Time

  1. Wonderful journey. Too bad about the waterfalls. I am starting to prefer imperfect weather, because then the outdoors is much more fun and less crowded. Just dress for it!


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