Day Four: Birthday Trip in Post (or Still?) Pandemic Time.

The day was so sunny and warm that the choice was ultimate: let’s go to and spend good time on the beach. The nearest coastal town is Viana do Castelo and this was our destination. But first a short stop at a very special place. As it turned out, my American friend who lives in Ponta De Lima knows a local aristocrat – count Francisco Calheiros – who owns a magnificent estate: a palace with gardens, vineyards, etc. So, we made a stop there and toured his private paradise.

And then – to the beach. Wow! What we did not expect was a super strong wind when we arrived to the coast. Not very comfortable for sun-bathing, but the waves were magnificent.

There was an additional bonus for being on the beach with this wind blowing: we found a bay which was occupied by dozens kite-surfers and spent there an hour simply watching them “jumping and flying.”

And then…the highlight of the day. The name of the young lady on the picture is Nancy Oliveira. Most people know her simply as an excellent massage therapist (which she is). What these people do not know is that she has a much wider background knowledge and fairly complex healing philosophy which includes (besides massage) sound therapy, herbal medicine, nutrition and much much more. I had a perfect massage session with her (outdoors, right before sunset) and then a good conversation about her practices and experiences. The feeling of being fully rejuvenated was powerful and exquisite. Highly recommend her services: look her up on Facebook at Nancy Etnomedicina

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