The Journey is about to begin: please “join” me!

…and this one will be quite different

Let me tell you what is this all about. I was in Italy in September having a lot of fun and exploring different parts of the country. Many of you have seen my posts on Facebook. But at the very end of the trip I met with a good friend from US: Fr. Christopher Savage, superior of the New Skete Orthodox monastery in Cambridge, NY. He was at the beginning of four week long pilgrimage hiking along St. Francis trail (from Florence, to Assisi, to Rome). We spent couple lovely days together and…

…and his plan and itinerary really inspired me: I have never done anything like this before. So, I first went to a few destinations along the St. Francis trail. Perhaps, most special was Chiusi della Verna – the place where St. Francis received his stigmata, but…

…but it did not feel “right,” because Chris was properly hiking with small backpack along entire trail while I was simply taking local buses to each destination (my regular vacation luggage was a not suitable for going on trail). And so I returned back to US, took care of a few important things and…booked the ticket back to Italy to hike with Chris along the last leg of the pilgrimage: from Arrona (Umbria) to Rome. 7 upcoming days are probably too short to be a “real pilgrim,” but hopefully they will give, at least, a “flavor” of pilgrim’s life” Speaking of which, the main goal of preparation for this trip was to reduce all “worldly possessions” to absolute minimum. Look at this beautiful backpack:

I found it on Amazon for just 14.99. As it turned out, all what I really may need fits perfectly into it and weigh just 12 lbs. Currently in Dallas, about to board the plane for Rome. The next “report” will be from Arrona in Umbria (meeting point with Fr. Christopher). Questions and comments are welcome….

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