An Amazing Story of Apple Mortgage Cake Bakery in Teaneck, NJ

This is one of those – difficult to believe yet true – stories. Here it goes. I was on a business trip in New Jersey and stayed in Teaneck with Air B&B. Nice house in the old neighborhood. Inside the house, it was obvious that it is in the process of renovation and restoration

But when in the evening I met my host, it turned out that this house and Angela (my host) have a very special story. She is the owner of Apple Mortgage Cakes Bakery

Well, “Mortgage Apple Cakes:” really? But here is the story.

In 2009, Angela Logan, a model and actress who had appeared on Law and Order: SVU, was in a bind. Her talent agency had closed without paying her money she was owed, botched construction on her house had buried her in bills and she was about to lose her home to foreclosure. A single mother of three sons, Logan picked up shifts at a local hair salon. But she needed an immediate windfall. One day, gazing down at an apple cake she’d just whipped up for her boys—a friend’s recipe she’d perfected with whole wheat flour, aromatic spices and more cream cheese in the frosting—she thought ,”What if I sold these?” Her sons loved the cakes, and friends had raved about them at parties. If she could sell 100 cakes for $40 each in ten days, she could secure a loan modification and save her house. 

Logan got to work slicing, peeling and spreading the word. Within a few days, she’d sold 42; two weeks later, after the media (including Today and CNN) got wind of her story, her total was 900—for $36,000, more than enough for the down payment on her loan. Sure enough, being a big lover of any apple pies and cakes, I went next day there and I was NOT disappointed. In addition to original “Apple Mortgage Cake,” I found real apple-cakes paradise: apple scones, apple rum upside down cake, apple cupcakes, apple pound cake, apple rum cake and much more.

Here is my famous Air B&B host: Angela Logan

Famous? Yes she is: they even made a movie about her:

Anyway, I highly recommend this place

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