A New Adventure Is About to Begin: Trip to Sri Lanka

So I am heading back to Sri Lanka: my second trip to this country. I first went there in January of last year and loved this country: its people (peaceful and welcoming), food (very flavorful but not over-spicy), plenty of elephants (one of my favorite animals), diverse landscapes (cool hills/mountains with tea plantations in the middle, nice beaches along the coast) and much more.

Some folks think of Sri Lanka as sort of “extension of India.” Wrong. Sri Lanka is predominantly Buddhist country. Combined with the absence of cast-system this makes local culture very different. There was one more reason to go there last year (and this time as well). One of my old friends from Russia felt in love with this country and moved to live there permanently. Hence, I went there to see Xenia.

Right now, I am at San Francisco airport waiting for first flight to London. And…here comes new interesting experience. It is first time that I see at the airport all genders’/mixed restrooms

I sure went inside to “examine” (and use). It was amazingly spacious and super clean. I stayed there for a few minutes exploring and no other person came in. Anyway, I am in my seat now and plane is leaving.

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